Why Our Trout are Different


1. They are fresh.  Our fish are harvested on-demand as orders are received.  Montana hatched and raised Rainbow trout are cleaned, filleted, packaged and delivered within 24 hours of being caught.


2. They are raised in a natural environment.  Our fish are raised at low densities in spring-fed ponds.  Because of the environment in which they live, Trout Culture trout have healthy fins and skin, excellent form, and firm, pink flesh.


3. They are hand fed.  Up to five times a day, the staff at Trout Culture throw top notch feed to the fish.  Hand fed until they are full, our trout also have access to a variety of natural foods that live in and around the ponds.


4. They are hand caught.  Real people with fly rods hand catch trout as needed. Each fish is inspected live before it is included in the day’s harvest.  If a fish is not ready for the table, it is released back into the pond to be harvested later.


5. They are hand filleted by local artisans.  Our fish are cleaned and filleted one at a time, 100% by hand.  There are no machines involved in any part of the operation.  Only sharp knives and experienced meat cutters.


6. They are not exposed to chemicals or medical treatments of any kind.  Only hearty, healthy Trout Culture trout make it to the table.  Additionally, no additives or preservatives are used during processing or packaging.


7. They are produced locally, by locals.  100% of the Trout Culture operation is located in Madison County, Montana.   That includes the owners (a.k.a “the staff”), the ponds, the fish, the artisans, the delivery drivers….


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